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Who we are

To deliver a high quality cleaning solution while keeping prices competitive by taking advantage of modern cleaning practices and technology.
Commercial Cleaning Sydney Co was started by Steve & Felix Wong (Acquired by Thi Thu Tran in 2020) .

Both of them are locals with vast business experience who were born and bred in Sydney and have extensive experience in the cleaning industry.
They traveled to the United States for work from 2010 to 2012.  The experience made them realize that the Australian cleaning industry significantly lagged behind it’s overseas counterpart when it came to the use of modern cleaning processes and technology. This is what led them to establish CCS Co.

The Cleaning industry in Sydney is competitive and rates have largely remained the same for the last 10 years while costs have gone up. In order to survive, many cleaning companies have resorted to doing things which has damaged the image and reputation of the industry.

The truth is most cleaning companies in Australia both small and large don't employ cleaners directly. Instead, they outsource their work to third party contractors who then employ inexperienced staff at below award wages illegally.
Most of these people speak very little english or come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The industry has been running this way for a very long time and Fair work Australia has been very active over the past few years in naming and shaming these companies. In a lot of cases, the clients are also named which damages the reputation of the brand and business.
Commercial Cleaning Sydney Co thinks this is unfortunate so have vowed to take a different path by focusing on improving efficiency within our own business through investing heavily on the following -

  • Staff Training and Retention by Giving Career Advancement Opportunities
  • Utilising Modern Cleaning Technology
  • Continually Reviewing Our Processes
  • Working Closely With Our Suppliers

By focusing on the above, we can alleviate common issues such as inconsistent cleaning quality and missed cleans usually caused by high staff turnover. This means we can deliver our clients a service which is both high in quality and good value for money.